If a homeowner has a well-established lawn, then there is a good chance they will want to keep it as healthy and green as possible throughout the year. Rather than having to spend countless, daunting hours watering it manually, and drag hoses everywhere, they should consider installing an irrigation Lakeland system. However, some homeowners are worried about the damage that will occur during the installation process. While this is a warranted concern, there are some steps that can be taken to limit the damage to landscaping Lakeland, which are highlighted here.

Choose the Right Time of Year

In most cases, the early fall or spring will be the ideal time to install an automated irrigation system. It is during these seasons that the soil has more moisture present, which makes the digging and restoration process much easier. Also, the higher level of moisture will also mean that the soil is in a healthier state and ready to sprout new grass and plants.

Use the Proper Type of Equipment

A vibratory plow and trencher are the most commonly used tools for the installation of an irrigation system. Both equipment types have advantages and disadvantages; however, the plow is usually much less destructive to the lawn’s surface. Be sure to speak with irrigation professionals prior to digging in the lawn to ensure no serious issues or damage occur.

Set Aside Any Established Sod or Grass

If a homeowner has sod or grass that is already growing where the irrigation system will be installed, there is no reason to damage it during the process. Ask the professional to set the sod and grass to the side on a tarp or piece of plywood. This will make it much cleaner and easier to replant once the installation is complete. After installation is finished, move any excess dirt and replace the sold.

Water the Lawn

Once the irrigation system is in place, it is a good idea for a homeowner to water the entire lawn. This will help new seed take root and minimize any excess stress on the lawn.

Once the system is in place, it will have to be maintained. Seek irrigation repairs Lakeland if any issues are seen. Also, the same tips and process can be used if an irrigation system is going to be placed on commercial landscaping Lakeland. Don’t attempt this process if unfamiliar, since there are a number of issues that can arise.